A veneer is a thin coating over the top of a solid material that is designed to look extremely nice. This is usually done for economical reasons. The first is that it is more economical than using solid wood of the same species. Another is that a much wider variety of species is available in veneer form than solid form. Wood veneer with backing also bends around non-sharp corners and rounded surfaces without any problem, unlike solid wood. Wood veneer is more eco-friendly because far less wood is used to make each piece. For example, an inexpensive and highly renewable wood can be used for the panel while the not-as-quickly-renewable exotic wood can be the wood veneer portion, using only a very small section of the tree. Veneers are available in different cuts like quarter and crown and in different forms too i.e. vertical, horizontal and slip method veneers. To transform your simple projects into a work of art you could use pre-dyed and engineered veneer sheets and veneer plywood to cater to your truly distinct imagination. We are one of the leading natural decorative veneer suppliers in the Marathwada region and offers a wide range of veneer sheets that will transform your home interiors..